Gender And Equality

The place of women in the society is still shaping up. They however still face a lot of challenges. The kind of statistics that we see is shocking. We want to believe that we have come far in addressing gender and equality. There is no doubt that much has been done, but a lot more is yet to be done. In the developing countries, situations are bad. UN statistics show that about 62 million girls will drop out of school every year. Worse is that in every three women, one will be a victim of gender-based violence at one point in their life. Young girls are still being married off in developing countries. The UN reported of the youngest case was of an eight-year bride. The inequality extends to property ownership. In economies that depend on agriculture, 40 percent of the labor force is women. It is shocking news that only 20 percent of these are land owners. Asia and Africa are worst hit with the issues of gender inequality. In Asia, only three percent of the business enterprises are owned by women and only ten percent in Africa. This may not change soon bearing in mind the current form of legislations. Despite women being more than half of the world’s population, only twenty percent of the world legislators are women. This means that a lot of women empowerment need to be done to make better the situation.

Efforts to Fight Inequality

Inequality can be fought through different means. The first is by creating programs that will empower women. They will work to make sure that rights of women are observed. The second way is by providing education to the girl child. Issues that lead to girls dropping out of school should be addressed. Early marriages should be discouraged and especially in communities that practice marriages for minors. Women should also be encouraged to take part in active politics. They can be able to fight for their rights better when they are in power. A woman should also be given a chance to make decisions about their reproduction. This way, their priorities and scale height in education and politics.

Gender roles

This is the main contributor to the current gender and social problem. It set aside roles for both men and women. It sought to empower men and make women a subject. This way, men developed and left women behind. They could not own property or develop careers because they were under men.

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