Essay Topics For College Students: 20 Questions You Can Handle

Most colleges require their applicants to write personal statements along with their college application. Some colleges provide ideas for the essays to assist the students, but often you need to choose the topic on your own. Either way, it’s better to go in prepared.

Ideas for Potential Essay Topics

To help you get ready with writing the personal statement, here are 20 topics that you should be ready to write about. 

  1. What book, movie or an album has had the biggest influence on your life and your outlook?
  2. What time period in history would you head back to if you had a time machine?
  3. What invention has had the most positive impact on our world?
  4. What is your daily routine that may seem ordinary to others, but is special for you?
  5. What experience from the past has changed your outlook on life?
  6. What is your most special skill that makes you different?
  7. What is your best accomplished task of the last two years?
  8. What have you learned from the most embarrassing moment of your life?
  9. If you could read minds, would you use this ability?
  10. How has the environment you've grown up in shaped your personality?
  11. Who do you think is the most influential person of the 20th century?
  12. If you could change one moment from your past, would you do it and why?
  13. What is the most useful advice you've ever been given, and by whom?
  14. If you could have a 20-minute talk with any person in history, deceased or living, who would you choose?
  15. What do you think the year 2030 will look like, in the political and cultural sense?
  16. What are you applying to college for?
  17. What gadget hasn't been invented yet, but could be proven useful?
  18. Do you think we're alone in this galaxy?
  19. How do you imagine your life after graduating from college?
  20. If someone made a documentary about your life, how would you summarize its story?

The Place of Essays in College

Personal statements are used by colleges to make it clear what makes you different from other students, and to evaluate your personal strengths. It's one of the first things you're going to do in college, and it could leave a lasting impression on your patrons as well as your peers. The ideas listed above could help you be more prepared for your college application and hopefully, help you get accepted.

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