Coming Up With A Thought-Provoking Essay Topic About Education

The field related to teaching and learning is huge, but that doesn’t mean that coming up with a fresh and interesting topic for your essay on education is easy. The topic you choose should not only be relevant but also thought-provoking so that the reader feels tempted to read through the work.

A list of themes on education should give your thoughts a direction. Yet, if writing the essay still seems an overwhelming task to you, hiring a professional writer may be a sound idea.

Writing an Essay About Education: A List of Suggestions

  • Is it possible to make completely virtual educational environment?
  • If yes, what would be its pros and cons when compared to traditional education?
  • Should young people go to school earlier?
  • Should students get scholarships?
  • These are meant to be the form of encouragement, but are they effective?
  • Should there be a gender segregation in schools?
  • Is it possible to stimulate learning through applying educational games?
  • What are the pros and cons of homeschooling?
  • What schools are better, private or public?
  • What should be done to prevent students from missing classes?
  • Genuine reasons for which students are often late for classes.
  • The situation with students being late for lessons seems to be hopeless. Should they be rewarded for good attendance records?
  • Is school a safe place?
  • What are the reasons for which school environment is getting more violent?
  • The role of technologies in modern schooling.
  • They have made learning easier than ever before, but is everything so positive about them?
  • What is the purpose of schooling, the development of personality or accumulating knowledge?
  • Are dress codes important in schools?
  • Was it a right decision to ban corporal punishment in schools?
  • Should pre-schooling be mandatory?
  • Is there a place for religious education in schools?
  • Does the theory that homework should be abolished make sense?

The proponents of this theory claim that students undergo too much stress with their home assignments. The opponents say that homework is necessary for the development of learning skills. Which side do you take? Don’t pick a topic you will not be able to collect enough data on. The abundance of sources will make it easier for you to do profound research. Be sure also to choose a topic which evokes some associations in your mind at once. Thus you will be able to quickly select those sources which correspond to your notion about the subject.

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