Compositional Ideas For Writing An Essay About Family Day Celebration

If you want to write a quality essay about Family Day celebration, learn your teacher’s requirements first. The assignment details will mention the kind of paper you are supposed to produce, and this knowledge will make the task more manageable. It’s likely that you’ll be asked to craft either an expository or a narrative piece of writing on the topic. Read the following tips to understand the difference between these kinds and borrow some helpful ideas on how to compose your work.

Writing an Expository Essay about Family Day Celebration

In an expository paper, you should inform and explain. Be as clear and precise as possible and get rid of any information that isn’t strictly necessary. Here are several great compositional ideas for an expository piece of writing on the topic:

  • Write about the history of the Family Day celebration.
  • Focus on the origins of the holiday and trace the evolution of the tradition over the course of years. Explore how Family Day got into different countries and dig deeper into its historical background. The number of body paragraphs in this paper will depend on the number of historical periods you want to cover.

  • Focus on the peculiarities of the holiday in different countries.
    • Pick a specific location (e.g. a particular American state, Canadian province, any country of South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, Vanuatu, etc.) and describe the celebration process step by step. Choose two countries and compare traditional approaches to celebrating Family Day therein. In a compare and contrast paper, use separate body paragraphs to write about different places.

Writing a Narrative Essay about Family Day Celebration

A narrative paper should tell a story. This style is quite versatile and it’s commonly used to entertain people. A perfect narrative should not only tell a story but also show. Therefore, use lots of vivid details and imagery in your work. You are allowed to refer to your personal experience when choosing a topic for your work.

    Tell about a specific Family Day from your past.
  • It should be a special Family Day which impressed you the most or somehow changed your life. Follow the chronological order of the event. Namely, set up the scene in the introduction and write about the confrontation, climax, and resolution in the subsequent body paragraphs.

    Write about a Family Day of your dream.
  • Use your imagination to the full and think how the best Family Day of your life would look like. Describe the stages of the day in the slightest details and appeal to the five senses to transport your reader into the event.

Use our tips in order to make your next essay stress free and perfect!
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