List Of Hand-Picked Argument Essay Topics To Choose From

No matter what year in school you are in, choosing a great argument essay is a great way to get started on a successful written assignment. Even if some of them may seem challenging, you can contact, a reputable writing company ready to help you out. Here are some really good hand-picked assignments to choose from:

  1. - Do you believe that the legalization of online gambling would help the federal or state government generate more revenue to pay for public projects like construction of roadways or bridges?
  2. - How effective are public health programs aimed at developing healthy eating and exercise habits in teenagers? And should the public be concerned about their effectiveness or place responsibility elsewhere?
  3. - Do you think communities should continue to fund public libraries with low attendance? What if the resources held in the collection are being damaged because of negligence and vandalism and the costs are becoming too high?
  4. - Should more communities invest in public computer labs to ensure more people have access to the internet, information, and resources? What would this mean in terms of community development?
  5. - Do you think the internet filters at your school are too restrictive? Is this a violation of privacy laws or the right to access public information? What do you suppose would be the best solution for handling this problem?
  6. - Should children be taught how to grow their food as part of their core education? Would this make students more conscientious about the things they eat and thus promote healthy eating habits early on?
  7. - Should people who commit abusive crimes against defenseless animals face stricter punishments than those that are handed down now? What would be a reasonable punishment to deter further violent acts from occurring?
  8. - Do you believe teachers should be retrained to use technology in the classroom considering that every year there is a new tool introduced that can improve the way students learn and process information?
  9. - Do you think that people should be allowed to obscure their personalities online and participate in any activity in absolute anonymity? Are there any violations to privacy laws in consideration of this approach?
  10. - Do you think computers should be used to grade writing assignments? How effective will software be in recognizing creative use of words and sentence structures?
  11. - Should school principals be held accountable for low scores on standardized tests? Should schools lose or get more funding according to these scores?
  12. - When do you think students should be allowed to select the subjects they take in school? Will fewer students take subjects like math or history if it doesn’t relate to their desired fields?
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