Suggestions To Choose From When Looking For An Argument Essay Topic

When writing an argument essay, you need to be passionate – you need to care about the topic you’re talking about. If nothing immediately jumps out at you, you may need some inspiration. When choosing a topic, there are a variety of directions you can go in. Whether you want to take politics, education, media, relationship or moral related approach, here is a list to give you some ideas:

Political Topics

  1. Should the death penalty be put into place in all countries?
  2. Should it be made illegal to smoke cigarettes?
  3. Is the system of taxing fair?
  4. Is it better to be left-wing or right-wing in our society?
  5. Do MPs deserve the pay they get?

Education Topics

  1. Is the education system fair?
  2. Is it right that we should have to pay for university?
  3. Should all children be judged based on exam results?
  4. Should students be put into sets of ability?
  5. Is the gap between GCSEs and A Levels too big?

Media Topics

  1. Should sex appeal be allowed to be used to advertise products?
  2. Is political propaganda in the media wrong?
  3. Should all newspapers and magazines be strictly non-bias?
  4. Has the media gotten worse since the 1970’s?
  5. Is the media making the youth of today less civilised?

Relationship Topics

  1. Is it okay to flirt with others while in a relationship?
  2. Should marriage be taken more seriously?
  3. Are relationships being ruined by social media?
  4. Should people wait until marriage to have sex?
  5. Should children be allowed to start dating before they’re teenagers?

Moral Topics

  1. Should breastfeeding in public be socially acceptable?
  2. Should children have a legal curfew?
  3. Does freedom of speech mean we should be able to use freely hate speech?
  4. Should it be illegal to test on animals?
  5. Is torture acceptable under any circumstances?

Admittedly it can be hard to start off an argumentative essay, but once you’ve got a topic you’re passionate about, and you’ve got started, the ideas will flow, and you’ll be done in no time. Remember that this list is just a few ideas, and you can use your imagination to come up with topics that may be much more personally suited to you. There are no limits; you can talk about whatever you want.

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