Hand-Picked List Of Interesting Expository Essay Topics For Middle School

Expository essays are significant part of each student’s academic career. They need to be written as part of effective communication. They can be in the form of sequential, compare and contrast, descriptive, case and effect type and problem solution papers. If you need help with writing such a paper, you can always buy expository essays online for cheap and use them as an example for your writing.

Listed below are some of the handpicked topics in various spheres:


  • Write a descriptive essay throwing light on your first memorable journey.
  • Why reality TV shows appeal you? Describe any of them showcasing its beauty or highlighting the terrific elements.
  • Describe the contents of the gift package that you received from Santa on the eve of Christmas night.

Sequential Expository composition

  • Write the steps of preparation for peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
  • Every person has lost something or the other important at some point of life. Write a paper on what you have lost and your efforts as part of searching it.
  • Write an interesting expository composition while plotting your favorite character.

Compare and Contrast

  • You as an ownership of cats and dogs; write a compare and contrast essay.
  • Write an article on the typical day of your life (any successful achievement) that you think was best. Compare it with a day that you might be celebrating after 25 years.
  • Write a comparative view of two poetic characters. State their positive and negative attributes, educational achievements, their relevance and output for the society in terms of poems written by them.

Cause and effect

  • How peer pressure has made your life hell during early years of life.
  • What makes most of the students drop out during High School examination?
  • Write a cause and effect article on the families of youths that are victims of drug abuse.
  • How bullying in schools is degrading the morality of students?

Problem Solving

  • Most of the students pay little heed for listening to news. How this affects their knowledge? How this value can be nurtured?
  • How can you make your community a better place of dwelling? Choose one problem and tell what all you can do.
  • Why according to you, your plan will work.
  • What you can do to make your school a best place of learning? How you will convince the people that are associated with your school regarding your ideas.
  • Some people intentionally abuse animals and ignore their needs. How such animals can be safeguarded. Write a formal letter to the leader of your community where you will describe the ways to improve the standard and lives of animals. Why do you think your plan will be effective?

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