Simple Ways To Find A Paper With APA Citation

Different papers are written in different styles depending on the requirement and content to be written in the research paper. American Psychological Association commonly shortened as APA is one of the most commonly used styles in writing research papers in social sciences. When using APA as a style in writing you need to observe several rules. The style was developed to aid in reading comprehension in social in social and behavioral sciences. The style is not only used in publishing research paper but also other official documents including journals, books and development of websites. Are you looking for places where you can find papers with APA citation? Try the following

Consult the library

Many libraries contain a variety of books written in different styles which enhances research. If you are one of those who regularly visits the library then you cannot miss to come across a book written in the APA style. The style has been employed in writing many books in social sciences with slight modifications but the format still stands out once you open the books. These books can help you a great deal in learning to write in the APA style shoeing the different variants of the style and how you can modify the style to suit the needs of your publication.

Check theses and dissertations

Since APA is one of the styles used in writing academic papers by students. Those studying social sciences will employ it in presenting their work to institutions. You can ask for permission from an institution so that you browse through the theses and dissertations presented to them by students. This allows you to have broad knowledge on the use of the style including the mistakes easily made when using the style.

Internet is a good source

In this modern era, every student is a graduate of this big school called the internet. It is an information superhighway where access to information is free and at just at the click of a button. Most journals and research work done in the format of APA are uploaded to the internet so that it can be of value to other people. This is actually the greatest source of citations in the APA style. The advantage is that it provides a variety thus you get to learn more about the style.

Consult friends and acquaintances

Probably that friend you have graduating next week is doing a paper using the APA style, or your relative undertaking a course in the social sciences might be very good in writing using APA. All you need to do is consult them and have a look at their work. This is very advantageous because they will get to explain to you what they are working on.

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