The 13 Most Interesting High School Narrative Essay Topic Ideas

A narrative essay requires a student to tell a story. Often, teachers allow students to pick their topics by themselves. Unfortunately, not everyone can generate great ideas for their stories right away. Below, you may look at the list of sample topics that can help you with choosing a direction for your own narrative.

Excellent Narrative Essay Topics

  1. Your favorite meal.
  2. You may tell a story about the first time you tasted the meal that you almost fell in love with for the rest of your life.

  3. Going back in time.
  4. What time in the past would you travel to? What ancient civilizations would you like to visit?

  5. Transforming into an animal.
  6. Imagine that you’ve become an animal. What animal would you like to be? What would you do in your new state of mind and body?

  7. Inventing great things.
  8. Tell about what you’d like to invent and why. Describe the influence of your invention on the lives of people.

  9. The best place to live.
  10. Describe what you’d do every day if you lived in a place of your dreams. You may write about a real or fictional place.

  11. Being someone else for one day.
  12. Tell about a famous person you’d like to become for a day and things you’d do in their guise.

  13. An unbelievable story.
  14. Write about an event that happened to you that nobody believes to be real. You may base your narrative on some real events.

  15. Being a superhero.
  16. Tell about what superpowers you’d like to have and what you’d do with them. Would you help the innocents and catch criminals?

  17. Becoming invisible.
  18. Imagine that you can become invisible whenever you want. This can serve as a good foundation for an interesting narrative.

  19. Being very rich.
  20. What would you do if you had a lot of money? Would you keep it for yourself or engage in charity?

  21. Creating a TV show.
  22. If you have an idea for a great TV show, you may describe its imaginary success in your narrative essay.

  23. Having your own planet.
  24. If you had a planet of your own, would you encourage technological development or force everyone to live naturally?

  25. The first thing you remember.
  26. You may tell about the first memories of your childhood that you clearly have in your mind.

Quick Tips

Outline your essay before you start writing. Write as if you’re telling your friend a story and not just completing an academic assignment.

Use our tips in order to make your next essay stress free and perfect!
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