A List Of 12 Compare And Contrast Essay Topics Of College Level

Writing a compare and contrast essay is something you will definitely come across at some point in your academic journey. While there are a few things that you need to be considerate about, the topic of the paper is something that you cannot compromise with. There are several considerations that you will have to make and here are a few topics that will help you understand the form better.

The relevance of the topic

The topic of a paper is something that holds paramount importance. The interest of the readers can be made or broken straight away with the topic that you choose. The topic also fixes the relevance of the entire paper and dictates terms on which the rest of the paper should be written.

  • Apart from the regular ones, here are a few other purposes that the topic serves:
  • The difficulty of the topic gives readers an idea into your dexterity in the subject
  • The choice of topic affixes the interest of the readers in the paper
  • The topic immediately tells the readers what to expect from the paper
  • You can also fix the length of the paper just by choosing the right topic

Once you have known the importance of the topic in a compare and contrast paper, you should look to build upon the selection. Here are some choicest topics for you.

Interesting compare and contrast essay topics

  1. Renaissance vs. Baroque: A study of the two most influential art forms
  2. Antebellum vs. Construction: A take on the two eras of the American history
  3. Adulthood and Childhood: which would you prefer and why?
  4. Star Trek or Star Wars: How would you look at the two most interesting sci-fi move series?
  5. Chemistry vs. Biology: Draw a neat comparison chart between the two subjects
  6. British Government vs. American Government: compare and contrast and point out which government is the more liberal
  7. Vegetarian Diet vs. Vegan Diet: What is the most scathing point of difference between the two?
  8. Pulses vs. Fruits: Which one would you recommend more highly to a vegetarian family?
  9. Democrat vs. Republican: Which according to you is more conservative? Support the answer with examples
  10. Presidency vs. Monarchy: Are we in an era where monarchy needs to be recalled?
  11. Prime Minister vs. President: What is the difference in a democracy?
  12. Cricket vs. Football: which game has the more followers worldwide?
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