A Tried And Tested Way To Create An Essay About A Good Relationship

Writing an essay about a relationship can be one of the most challenging assignments for many students. On the one hand, there’s nothing easier than describing your relationship with someone else. On the other hand, many questions arise. Should it be about a romantic relationship, or rather about friendship? What if I consider all of my relationships with other people too personal and don’t want to reveal them to someone else? So, let’s consider two basic steps to creating a relationship essay that will get you A+.

Step #1: Choosing the Type

The first thing you should do is choosing the right type of your essay. When writing about a relationship, you can pick any of the following types:

  • Descriptive.
  • Describing how the relationship you have looks, feels, seems etс.

  • Definition.
  • Explaining what a certain relationship is and why it is like that (or why it is important).

  • Compare/contrast.
  • Comparing different kinds of relationships and showing what is different and what is common between them.

  • Narrative.
  • A story on how a relationship started.

  • Argumentative/Persuasive
  • Convincing readers about a certain point of view about a relationship.

  • Cause/Effect.
  • Explaining a situation about a relationship or some circumstances and the result of them.

  • Process.
  • Giving instructions on how to work on a relationship.

  • Critical Analyzing
  • Tell about the strengths and weaknesses of a certain relationship.

Basically, you can choose nearly any type you want, depending on what you are going to write about. You may try to convince your readers that a relationship is important, or simply describe the kind of bond you have with your family, or write a story on how one of your relationship has started.

Step #2: Getting Down to Work

A relationship is a subtle matter, which is often hard to explain verbally. And although there is no way to help you describe your relationship with other people (as you are the only one who knows about it), here is a list of questions giving you hints what to tell about:

  • What kind of relationship are you going to describe? Is it a relationship with God, or your parents, friends, your significant other?
  • When did this relationship start?
  • Why is it important to you? What is special about it?
  • What were the happiest moments you shared in your relationship?
  • What were the worst times you had together?
  • How did your relationship change over time?
  • What did you learn from this relationship?
  • Did it change your life? In what way?
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