A List Of Thought-Provoking Prompts For A High School Argument Essay

Something thought-proving would make someone to deeply think about it. On this premise, ability to come up with thought provoking essay topics would definitely be a desirable character any student can have and many would aspire to have. Further, when something is thought provoking, it can be very well stated that it is extraordinary. On this premise, it can be stated that only extraordinary people have the ability to come up with thought provoking ideas. When it comes to formulating a topic for discussion, one of the things a student ought to take into account is the need for unique topics whenever essay writing is in the offing. Great essays are not just built upon god topics but also upon thought provoking ideas. You need to develop your essay in such a way that anyone would find it worthwhile.

Well, good topics are crafted based on writing prompts. However, not many students understand what writing prompts are. Simply defined, writing prompts are the areas from which a topic for an academic literary material is likely come. On this premise, whenever you are assigned a writing task, it is imperative that you identify key areas from which great topics can be generated. With the advent of the internet, you cannot fail to find plenty of writing prompts on the web. However, what often poses a big challenge to students is the ability to find something you can trust and rely on at all times. In this post, we take you through some great topic ideas worth considering, so read on for details.

  • Should caning be abolished in high school as a form punishment? Argue based on factual illustrations why this so or otherwise:
  • Should high school students be allowed to attend school in civilian clothes?
  • The impacts of technology in classroom teaching. Discuss your points for and against
  • Is global warming a threat to the future of education? Discuss
  • The question of terrorism. What are the best ways to curb terrorism
  • Many people are gun holders in this age. How can this be regulated?
  • Is development funding a good way to stir growth in third world countries?
  • Foreign aid a recipe for over dependence on donor funding. Discuss your arguments
  • Ways of preventing FGM in third world countries
  • How increasing cases of homicides in American homes should be curbed?
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