List Of The Best Cause And Effect Essay Topics For College

A cause and effect essay is probably one the most interesting types of writing, as it requires logical thinking and solid analysis of the causative factors and consequences of a certain problem or phenomenon. For an excellent cause and effect essay, you will need an excellent topic first. That’s why you have to be very selective while searching ideas for your assignment.

You may pick a subject that either concerns an issue of modern days or refers to some historical events. The key thing to keep in mind is that your purpose is to discover the essence of a cause-and-effect relationship within the question and show their coherence. Therefore, when selecting a topic for your essay, make sure you have a decent level of knowledge to explain it all. If you lack inspiration, here is a list of the most interesting ideas and my math genius reviews for you.

Top 25 Cause and Effect Essay Suggestions

  1. What are the positive and negative consequences of living in a big city?
  2. Why do young people drink and what are the effects of drinking?
  3. How does friendship influence a person’s life?
  4. What is the cause for obesity and how does it affect human health?
  5. Why is it important for an employee to be a team player?
  6. How does lack of education result in unemployment?
  7. What effect does parents’ divorce have on their children?
  8. What is the motive for people around the world to learn English?
  9. What influence can a good movie or book have on a person’s outlook?
  10. How did the invention of the wheel affect our modern world?
  11. Why laughing is good for your health?
  12. What is the impact of human activities on the environment?
  13. What circumstances can lead to exclusion from college?
  14. How does a side job influence a student’s progress in studies?
  15. In what way can have a hobby affect an individual's character?
  16. What are the origins of the American Civil War?
  17. Why war can be the engine for human progress?
  18. What are the causes for insomnia and what effects will it have on an individual?
  19. How can sense of humor help in dealing with everyday problems?
  20. What is the negative and positive impact of social media on people’s lives?
  21. What makes employers reject a job candidate?
  22. Why do people get depressed?
  23. What is the importance of persistence and right motivation for academic progress?
  24. How can the weather affect a person’s mood?
  25. What are the reasons for teenagers to commit suicide?
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