Helpful Hints On How To Write An Essay Topic Proposal

Occasionally you may get the assignment to write a proposal defining your essay topic and analyzing how you plan to proceed on the writing. The most important thing to do is be aware of and incorporate what you are asked to provide in the proposal. Some other essential elements of the proposal include:

  • Identify the topic you have chosen
  • Create a working thesis statement, hypothesis, research question or a pertinent issue you will focus on in your written work
  • Describe the types of research you plan to do and list or explain the supporting sources you will use in the paper
  • Offer a brief outline of your writing direction
  • Describe the goals for your paper

Writing your topic proposal accomplishes several important objectives. First, it makes you seriously think about the topic you’ve chosen, consider carefully if it will work well for you or not, and makes you get started your essay without delay.

Another thing it accomplishes is gets you used to the proposal writing process, which in itself isn’t extremely difficult, but it is a new technique to master when it comes to academic writing. Chances are high it won’t be the last proposal you write, especially if you continue in your education or specialize in a field that requires a fair amount of writing.

Main goals of the topic proposal

  1. Identifies what your thesis or paper is about
  2. How you plan on supporting your research question
  3. What outside scholarly sources you plan on using
  4. What the whole point of the topic is

Knowing the goals of your proposal will help you stay in the right direction when it comes to creating it. Take your time and make sure the important elements are incorporated. It may seem like a waste of time at this point, especially if you’re motivated to begin writing your actual essay, but bear with it.

The time you take on writing the proposal and doing a good job of it will help you to become more intimately acquainted with your topic and more prepared to write the paper when the time comes.

Remember the proposal is a preliminary to writing your paper. You must pass this part before you will be approved to begin writing. Without this step, you can’t start your paper, so it makes sense to take the time to do this the proper way.

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